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Birthday Boy

I had promissed my good friend Tommy Friedrichs a portrait a long time ago. Because he has a thing for post-apocalyptic movies, games and he even dreams about that kinda stuff, I guessed it would be nice to put him in a more heavinly environment. The girl is no one special, I googled “eating grapes” with safesearch off and stumbled upon (an even lesser not safe for work) picture of her.


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Map of Myself

A little artclass assignment was “create a map of yourself“. Probably I took it a bit to literal?

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Analog Memories

I found this piece recently in a stack of drawings I hadn’t touched for years. Nice to see your old analog work when all you did last years was creating digital art. I wonder if I’m still able to draw with a pen and paper- will update you on that soon

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Dear reader,

A big thanks to the universe for letting all the atoms rearrange through time and space this particular way that YOU found me in this tangled chaos called life. This tiny place on the internet will let you follow the ups and downs in my search of “designer-happiness”.

Your feedback, your recommendations and your vision will be appreciated,


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