1400 Balloon Project

In an earlier post I told you about a interactive installation I was working on involving balloons. For the first time ever I skipped the Interactive part, and just made an installation. A simple, beautiful and amazing one.

We found that the power of a balloon is hard to beat, everything we came up with degraded the purity and joy a balloon actually gives. So we decided to start blowing, and blowing some more, until we had filled a 16 square meter of space with enough happiness to kill a unicorne. 1400 Balloons, trust me, it’s fun!



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Cymatic Auto Generation

A new project I started on involves the curious phenomenon of cymatics. Cymatics consists the analog visualisation of sound through a medium. Mostly solids as salt, rice or sand are used, but also liquids and non-newtonian fluids, like a mixture of cornstarch and water, give awesome effects when exposed to soundwaves.

My idea is to create a self generating cymatic installation, in which the analog effect is captured by video and in realtime translated to a sine wave. It would be best to use the overall luminosity of the video to link directly to the sound generator.

Further more the sand or salt I will be using will be freely exposed to the user so that he can be become a involved fourth factor.


As you can see in the image below this will result in an endless closed loop where all three components influence each other.








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Balloon Experiment

I’m currently working on an interactive installation involving balloons, for research purposes and the sheer joy of it, I came up with the idea to throw a number of balloons in the Kalverstraat, Amsterdam. My teammates and I want to thank everyone who helped us realizing this little flashmob.

-video edit by Seeltje van Boeckel

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Two Typography Tests

I’m not too fond of designing fonts, but what I dó like are these little playful experiments with material, composition, form and context. What can you do with shoelaces and candlewax?

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EyeWant – a Gyroscopic Game Concept

Being one of the first interactive concepts I designed, EyeWant is a minimalistic game for gyroscopic mobile devices. The user goal is to collect as many consumptional object by tilting and thus moving the eyes perspective. The game would theoretically go on for ever, unless the user thinks outside of the box and lies down. Resulting the device position is pointing with it’s back to the zenit. Once this is achieved, the consumption stops and  an entoptic video starts playing, soothing and relaxing the user. The ending footage resembles what you seen when you close your eyes, so that all the symbolism can be tied back to the eye as a thematic layer throughout the game.

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Map of Myself

A little artclass assignment was “create a map of yourself“. Probably I took it a bit to literal?

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Funckarma & VJ Loudanov

IDM superduo Funckarma asked me to do some visuals during their set for the No Label Festival in Utrecht, Holland. Evidentially I couldn’t say no. VJ-footage is partially mine, partially Michel Klein’s, a very gifted 3D animator. But the realtime mixing and VJ’ing is all me. Check it out:

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